‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’
is an universal prayer for the peace and happiness of all humanity and all life on earth,
as well as a path to inner peace and serenity.


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Events at Allanton


Recent Events have included:

Soul Of WoMen
International Conference For Men and Women
Saturday 10th September
11am - 6pm

The European launch of the Soul of WoMen global initiative.
Conference aim:  To inspire and encourage participants to explore ways to actively co-create a new, gender-balanced world.

As part of the Fuji Declaration (a transnational alliance for peace), the Soul of WoMen is a new global initiative that hopes to “inspire and empower every woman and man to bring out their authentic self and share their unique gifts to co-create a new future. In oneness, we can foster a more peaceful and flourishing world for all life - a world that honours deep feminine principles in harmony with the masculine”.

All over the world, Soul of WoMen is bringing people together to explore how to pioneer a better future through the balance of women in partnership with men - replacing gender “competition” with “collaboration” and reshaping society through greater emphasis on the qualities of nurturing, insight and compassion. On the grand scale, our aim is to work towards a transformation of global consciousness.

What to expect:

Inspirational speakers from different fields to spark ideas for interactive workshops, plus refreshments and a delicious lunch by Jools Cox showcasing local produce from Dumfries and Galloway

Guest Speakers :


Entrance by pre-purchased tickets only.  Booking essential
Contact: soulofwomen.allanton@gmail.com

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and ......  the Date of Festival 2017

is:             Sunday 18th June 2017           2-6pm

                  19th International World Peace Festival

An event for all the family, to contribute to a global culture of peace.  Our theme this year is 'Inclusion'.

  During the World Peace Flag  Ceremony we will send our wishes of peace and happiness to all the countries of the world.  Each flag of the world will be presented as a symbol to inspire World Peace, focusing on the positive affirmation
'May Peace Prevail on Earth' 

All welcome.


What's new

We can now offer Wi-Fi to all our guests at Allanton.  Thanks to Jez and his team at 8020.