Flag Ceremonies


What is a flag ceremony?

The World Peace Flag Ceremony is a celebration of all the countries of the world, through the symbolism of their flags.

Each flag is respectfully presented, with all participants saying together:

‘May Peace be in …(name of country)

The power of our thoughts, words and actions will help to create a peaceful world for all.

The ceremony rises above national, religious and political boundaries, giving expression for “peace and harmony”, which lies at the core of every human heart.



The World Peace Prayer and Flag Ceremony was first organised in Japan by the Chairperson of the World Peace Prayer Society, Masami Saionji, in 1983. In 1986, The First International World Peace Flag Ceremony was held in the city of Los Angeles, introducing this moving ceremony to an international audience for the first time outside Japan. Since then, the ceremony has been held on every continent and in every major city throughout the world.


Where are flag ceremonies held?

Flag ceremonies can be held anywhere people gather with the purpose of aspiring towards a peaceful world.  They have been held as part of community events, in schools and colleges, public places, churches, mosques, gardens and as part of big conferences and interfaith events.


Examples in the UK:

1000 children from 24 schools and colleges in Oldham on the International Day of Peace 2012;

400 school children with H.H.Dalai Lama in 2004 in Dunfermline, and at a talk at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh;

Annually at the festival at Allanton World Peace Sanctuary;

Findhorn Foundation;

Interfaith events.


Examples throughout the world:

 International Day of Peace at the United Nations;

Parliament of the World's Religions, Barcelona, Spain;

Native American Prayer Vigil, Washington DC;

City Montessori School, Lucknow, India;

Tibetan's Children's Village, Dharamsala, India;

Sydney University, Australia;

Sunrise Ceremony, Mt. Fuji,Japan;

Walk Rally for Peace, Sorsogon, Philippines;

Habitat for Humanity Conference, Johannesberg, South Africa;

Bascilica of St. Francis, Assisi, Italy;

at The Colloseum in Rome;

Guadalupe Maria Cathedral,  Mexico City;

Namibia National Theatre, Namibia;

Andam Lama Temple, Mongolia;

Angkor Wat, Cambodia;

Hanoi Cultural Palace, Vietnam;

World Philosopher's Meet, Geneva, Switzerland;

Human Unity Conference, Munich, Germany;

Global People's Assembly, Samoa;

Alliance for a New Humanity, Puerto Rico, and many more!



Choose a date and occasion which inspires you to bring people together such as: International Day of Peace (September 21st), Earth Day, United Nations Day, Solstices, sacred holidays or any celebration or anniversary of a school or organization in your community.


You may plan a simple ceremony at your home with friends and family. For a more formal ceremony, involving community members, you may choose to organise your gathering at a local park, school, club, church or public facility.

Country List

Our country lists includes 194 nations and is divided into continents to help visualise the world they connect to.


*Please download our School Flag Ceremony Guidelines here *