Garden & Grounds


Our sanctuary is nestled within 18 acres of beautiful green grounds and woodland.  It is home to the natural biodiversity of Dumfries and Galloway including red squirrels, buzzards, frogs and newts, butterflies, moths and diverse fungi.  We have mature woodland and planted a new woodland of native species in, 2001, which has become a wildlife corridor to increase and support the biodiversity.

There are lovely, relaxing meditative walks in the wildlife woodland and our Labyrinth. 

Our Peace Pole Henge, consists of a double circle of 200 Peace Poles one for every country of the world.  There are many ancient stones and henges in Dumfries and Galloway, and our Peace Pole Henge is connecting with the ancient spiritual energy of the land to create a focus for future world peace.

The grounds are used for all kinds of activities and events, including our Annual International World Peace Festival.  We also host groups throughout the year and the flag ceremony is an important part of our activities.

There are regular Forest School sessions where children and young people are encouraged to appreciate nature and learn to love the outdoors, and their connection with the natural world.

We grow organic salad greens, vegetables and fruit, which provide delicious food for guests and all our volunteers. It is also a focus for various projects and education programmes with schools.



Our one-acre walled garden, is SW facing and has a herbaceous border on two sides. The garden is divided into four main areas which represent Earth, Water, Fire and Air.

Earth – In the veggie section we grow salad, herbs, beetroots, leeks, carrots, potatoes, rhubarb, peas, beans, pumpkin and squash to name but a few delicious delights. We are extending the growing season with a large poly tunnel. The aim is to increase the production of local produce and reduce food miles.


Water – The kids area is the perfect place for little people to explore. There is a small pond, a wildlife garden and a fruiting hedge all helping attract animals and insects. It was built with support from Dumfries and Galloway Council and a Solway Heritage Grant in 2008. There is also an area of child-sized garden with raised beds.


Fire – This houses a bonfire and BBQ area. A Mount Fuji Cherry Tree and a Scots Pine stand back to back, symbolising the unity between Scotland and Japan.


Air- In the orchard many different fruits grow, such as cherries, apples, pears, plums and blueberries.


In the middle of the gardenthere is a pergola covered with entwined fragrant roses and honeysuckle.   At the centre is a peace pole engraved with the message “May Peace Be In Our Homes and Communities” and “May Peace Prevail on Earth”


Outside the garden we have rabbits. All the garden gates are kept shut at all times to protect the crops.