What is a mandala?

A written mandala is made up of a number of concentric circles, inside which bright, positive, meaningful words are written. As we write words of love, gratitude, peace and harmony, the power of those words is poured into the mandala. The process of writing the words heals and revitalizes us. When the mandala is completed, it continuously radiates this healing energy to humanity and the world of nature.



Writing your own mandala

A mandala is your own individual creation, and every mandala is unique.

How do you write one?

1)    Start writing from the smallest, centre most circle, beginning at the vertical line.

2)    Write in a clockwise direction (if your language reads left to right)

3)    Fill one ring, then move to the next ring. Join all the words and sentences in continuous stream of letters. Leave no space between words.

4)    When you write in the outermost ring, take care that the last word or phrase completely fits the ring.

5)    You may choose any writing instruments, colours and designs you like. By using different colours, you can create various designs and images in the mandala.


What do you write?

Choose any positive words and phrases you like. Some examples of positive expressions are:

Thank you for the wonderful people in my life

Today I am grateful for being alive

May Peace Prevail on Earth


Or you could write your favourite prayers, poems sayings or song lyrics.


Mandalas for kids

Writing a mandala is a fun and creative way for children to explore and reflect on matters such as peace, the environment and the people in their lives.

Children’s mandalas can be quite simple or elaborate and artistic. Every mandala has a personal expression.

Collective mandalas

Creating a sacred mandala is a wonderful way for people to come together and celebrate our oneness, in gratitude to the Earth, nature and all forms of life.