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How to order your Peace Pole
We supply classic white Peace Poles with up to 8 languages on them.  Prices start from £180 plus p&p.  For more details click this link:  PEACE POLES INFO SHEET 2014
Then you can phone us on 01387 740 642 or email

Allanton and the Peace Pole Project
At Allanton World Peace Sanctuary we supply Peace Poles to locations all over the world, in over 80 different languages.  The Peace Pole Project was started in 1976 to spread the message ‘May Peace Prevail On Earth’.

What is a Peace Pole?
Peace Poles are four sided poles standing six feet high displaying the message ‘May Peace Prevail On Earth’ on each side, in languages appropriate to where the Peace Pole will be planted.

Where are Peace Poles planted?
They are planted wherever people wish to see this message radiate out to the world, in parks, schools, places of worship, hotels, gardens and even on mountain tops. There are now over 250,000 around the world.  If you have a Peace Pole you can add it to this great little website which maps the world’s Peace Poles, here.

Why plant a Peace Pole?
•To commemorate an event.
•To dedicate your intention to help create a culture of peace in the world.
•As a constant reminder for us to try and live within the words of the aspiration ‘ May Peace Prevail On Earth’

How do we plant a Peace Pole?
Obtain permission to plant the pole.
Fix a date and maybe organise a Peace Pole planting ceremony.
You will need a few friends to help, a spade, a spirit level is useful, a bag of ‘post fix’(obtainable from DIY stores) or gravel and the earth which came out of the hole. Dig a hole 70cms deep and put the pole into it. Adjust the angles to make sure it is straight from all directions. Get your friends to hold it straight while you fill it in.

Peace Pole:Dutch Rotary Club event 2013

Peace Pole:Dutch Rotary Club event 2013

Peace Pole:Dutch Rotary Club event 2013

Peace Pole and Rainbow

Rainbowed Peace Pole