The Wildlife Woodland Walk


The Allanton Wildlife Woodland Walk was launched on the 6th June 2015 at the 17th World Peace Festival. 

We are deeply grateful to our funders,  Solway Heritage,  Heritage Lottery Fund and Auldgirth District Community Council.  The Allanton Wildlife Woodland Walk was launched on the  6th June2015 at the 17th World Peace Festival with great celebration and lots of excitement.  The ribbon was cut by Colin Mitchell, the Chairperson of Solway Heritage.  The walk is open to the community and all are welcome to enjoy the wildlife that is part of our heritage. Over 100 people, small  and large, followed the new local Moniaive Samba Band into the woods at the launch.

They disappeared into the wood to find John the Storyteller and ‘Babes in the Wood’ activities for Mums and toddlers.  ‘Babes in the Wood’ is a local pre-school Outdoor Learning Group which has a big following on social media and has used Allanton Woodland as a venue.

We have been working hard all year to create the Woodland Walk.  In the winter, the volunteers cut down some trees and cut back low branches to create paths.  They were careful to leave the dead wood for the woodpeckers.

Refurbished park benches arrived, transformed by the local Community Payback scheme.

We tried them out, here and there.

Our most dedicated, veteran volunteer, Duncan, climbed aboard the new mower. He mowed all the paths in the wood and continues to keep them accessible. 


CPD ( Continuous Professional Development) sessions took place and Sanquhar Academy visited several times over the year to create poetry and observe the woodland.  They made plinthes for the poetry and bird boxes in their craft and design class at school. We have 40 bird boxes from the pupils to put up in the woods and extra benches from the Community Pay Back Scheme. The benches will be used to host Lincluden and Lochside Field Visit Fun Days during the summer funded by Our Place Lottery Funding. Bat boxes were made by the Youth Group Sessions in Dock Park.

Thank you to Solway Heritage, Auldgirth District Community Counciland the Heritage Lottery Fund for helping us to increase the local biodiversity and for making the Allanton Woodland Walk accessible to many more people.