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Peace Prevails school programme



Over 10 years ago we began to think about how we could help the next generation to have an understanding and experience of what ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’ really means to them in their lives.

In order to reach as many children as possible, we felt the best way to do this was to develop a programme that could be included in the everyday life of a school and delivered by the teachers.

This programme would have to ‘tick boxes’, as teachers are so busy fulfilling the needs of the curriculum that it would not work if we then expected them to deliver this programme outwith their many commitments!

Another criteria of the programme would be simplicity! Ease of use with regard to the lessons and the resources. To meet this criteria, we developed the training for teachers, the Lesson Plans with aims, learning outcomes and easy to read guidelines. All resources, that are not readily available in the classroom, are also provided.

After much research and gathering resources and experiences from our teacher friends and colleagues in this country and around the world, the ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’ school programme was born!!! The pilot took place in Fife in 2005.

It makes me feel different when I am doing the programme. I never thought peace was so strong!
— Primary Pupil
As part of the ongoing Health and Wellbeing work we decided that the ‘Peace Prevails’ programme fits perfectly into the development of our nurturing approach. Ten of our teachers are undertaking the training to ensure that all pupils will benefit from the ‘whole-school involvement. This will benefit both the children and adults involved and we hope, in some way to involve parents in the development of this project
— Karen Carter, head teacher of Lockerbie Primary School

'May peace prevail on earth' school programme


This is the original programme, and is still being used.

The main difference between this and the ‘Peace Prevails’ programme (see below), is that this programme consists of ‘hard copies’ i.e. Resource Packs rather than downloadable resources. The training is carried out with teachers in a one day, ‘face to face’ training session. If your school is in close proximity to us in Dumfries, Scotland, then we are very pleased to offer you this option.

I will never harm trees because they are living things just like me. And peace is not always religious.
— Primary Pupil
I was eager for this programme to be in my school because it empowers my own teachers to appreciate the concepts and then teach. I believe that this sense of ultimate empowerment – (peace comes from within) and ultimate responsibility, (my peace resonates from me to others), raises every aspect of school life. It stimulates the natural love for learning, which also comes from within
— Joanne Caine, head teacher of St Paul’s CE Primary School, Oldham

Peace Prevails programme 

The ‘Peace Prevails’ programme is an online teachers training version of the ‘May Peace Prevails on Earth’ school programme.  Teachers will be trained ‘online’, therefore, there will be no geographical barriers and the programme can be delivered locally, nationally and internationally!

The pilot and initial development of the teachers training has been financed by the National Lottery ‘Investing in Ideas’ and piloted in two schools. We are working in partnership with ‘Learning Ideas’ with the online learning platform, and presently (July 2015) developing the ‘Peace Prevails’ website, which will enable teachers to access the training directly. This website and training will be ready early 2016.


What is the programme?

A complete Resource for teachers to deliver as an integral part of their classroom practice. The ‘whole school programme’ includes:

  • Online training
  • Lesson Plans and resources for two programme:  5 – 7yrs and 8-11yrs
  • School Licence

How is it structured?

Each programme consists of 8 Lessons and a Review Lesson:

5 - 7 yr programme

Lessons 1 - 4             ‘May Peace be in my Heart’
Lesson 5                    ‘May Peace be within my Friends’      
Lesson 6                    ‘May Peace be within my Family’    
Lesson 7                    ‘May Peace be in my School'
Lesson 8                    ‘May Peace be in my Community’ 

8 - 11 yr programme:

Lesson 1 - 2            ‘May Peace be in my Heart’
Lesson 3                    ‘May Peace be within my Friends and Family’
Lesson 4                    ‘May Peace be in my School’
Lesson 5                    ‘May Peace be in my Community’
Lesson 6                    ‘May peace be in my Country
Lesson 7                    ‘May Peace be in All Living Beings
Lesson 8                    ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’

Please note: All Lessons have an Aim, Experiences and Learning Outcomes
and all Activities within the Lessons have a Purpose.


What areas of the curriculum does it link with?

Scotland and England:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Citizenship
  • ‘Getting it right for every child’
  • Religious Observance
  • Can underpin the Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland
  • Personal and social development/education
  • Community/social cohesion
  • Touches on a wide range of cross-curricular areas including:
  • Expressive art, geography, literacy, inclusion, creative writing, manual dexterity, ecology, Values and Citizenship

Please note: curriculum can be expanded to other areas to link in with whole school and class projects


The online teachers training

The overall purpose of the on line training programme is to provide opportunities for Primary School teachers to develop knowledge, skills and confidence in delivering the ‘Peace Prevails’  programme as part of their everyday teaching practice.

By the end of the training, the teachers will have gained:

  • An understanding of the structure and contents of both programmes (5-7yrs and 8-11yrs)
  • An insight into how the programmes can fulfil areas of the curriculum
  • Recognition of how the programme can be expanded into cross-curricular areas
  • Confidence to deliver the programme and
  • Ideas on how to implement this programme in the classroom, school and include families and community.

The training consists of 6 x 1hr Modules with a 1hr optional module:

  • Introduction
  • Module 1 – Lesson Plan One
  • Module 2 – Lesson Plans and links
  • Module 3 – Water
  • Module 4 – Implementation and evaluation
  • Module 5 – Peace in my world
  • Optional Module – networking with other schools

More info.

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