Soul of WoMen was born out of the Fuji Declaration, when Masami Saionji invited female visionary leaders in Japan to discuss the wisdom, roles and responsibilities of women in creating a more harmonious world.

The Soul of WoMen initiative was launched at the first anniversary of the Fuji Declaration, May 2016, in Japan.

Human behaviours, or values, may be associated with masculinity (aggression, competition and power) or femininity (love, compassion, empathy, nurturing, intuition, cooperation and peacemaking). These values are present in all people, regardless of gender.  However, in today’s world, ‘masculine’ values dominate and ‘feminine’ values are suppressed.

We need to activate our feminine values and redefine the masculine archetype.

The Soul of WoMen initiative brings people together, all over the world, to explore ways of making a better future through balancing the masculine and feminine within every individual, of all genders, and all societies. Emphasising collaboration, insight, nurturing and compassion, it works towards a transformation of global consciousness.

We must free ourselves of prejudice and stereotypes regarding gender, culture, race, religion, political differences, physical and mental ability, social status and so on.

We must rid ourselves of self-limiting beliefs to reclaim our true identity.

Empowered to express our authentic selves, we can make our unique contribution to a peaceful and sustainable future.

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