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There will be 15 workshops, with topics ranging from Aikido, mindfulness, activism, storytelling to much more.

Workshop leaders hail from Dumfries & Galloway and all over the world - as far away as Australia, Argentina and Japan. Workshops have been designed around the theme of the day, which is:

"How can we create a more balanced world, wherein qualities within us all are working in harmony" 


morning and afternoon WORKSHOPS

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Barry Graham

Morning/afternoon: Finding balance through a 'three-fold' approach to Social Enterprise and Community Building.

Barry is a founding member of Loch Arthur Camphill Community in Dumfires.

Over the past 30 years he has been instrumental in establishing the ‘Social Enterprises’, central to the Community’s growth and success. Loch Arthur Camphill Community is a Charity that provides accomodation, support and work opportunities for Adults with Learning Dissabilities, in a balanced and supportive Community setting.


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Angelika Schützinger

morning: Being a Clown – a fascinating exploration of the nature of the self.

Over the last 20 years Angelika has undertaken more than 1000 Clown visitations in hospitals and nursing home in southern Germany. Angelika practises the teachings of Psychosynthesis improvisatory techniques and Clown theatre, to teach groups and individuals. 

Angelika’s workshop will dive into the world of clowning, which mirrors that of everyday life and encourages you to explore your own hidden talents, heal any imbalances and discover your authentic self. 


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Jackie Le Brocq

morning: Balancing the masculine and feminine using Nadi Sodhana.

Jackie started doing yoga 33 years ago with Swami Mukti Devananda Saraswati (SYTA) in Vancouver. She trained as a yoga teacher 25 years ago. Jackie enjoys mantra chanting and runs yoga and walking days, yoga and meditation weeks and weekends. She is a tutor of On Going training days.

Jackie’s workshop, explores balancing the masculine and feminine energies in all of us, by using Nadi Sodhana, a yoga technique that involves breathing through alternate nostrils.


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Jenny Funston

Morning: Mandala writing for inner balance
Afternoon: Mandala writing for flowing our evolving positive qualities into our everyday life.

Jenny is the Oceanic Co-Ordinator of Byakko Shinko Kai. Byakko Shinko Kai is a spiritual organisation founded in Japan over 50 years ago, dedicated to world peace and the elevation of planetary consciousness. Jenny’s morning workshop, Mandala writing for inner balance will illustrate how writing positive words from our deep inner knowing, creates a deepening sense of ease, mindfulness and joy. 

Jenny’s afternoon workshop, Mandala writing for flowing our evolving positive qualities into our everyday life, will look at how writing positive words from our ‘inner creative spark’; enables a greater confidence in using this ‘tool’ both for ourselves and our communities.


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Kai Neptune

morning: Art-full Visioning

Kai Neptune is a mother, artist, social entrepreneur, and visionary. Kai has lived most of her life in Japan and is now based in California. She is passionate about World Peace, education, and humanity's shift towards a more loving and sustainable future.

Kai’s workshop "Art-full Visioning" looks at how to let go of what no longer serves us and to "see" clearer images in our minds, that align with our ideal life and dreams. Together Kai and participants will create flow, and energetically support each other in what they choose to create from the heart.  


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Kerry Riddell

Afternoon: Story of Self - inspiring others and creating change with your own story

Kerry has worked in charities for most of her life, developing and delivering projects which provide opportunities for positive change - for people, communities, society and the environment. She loves to learn, share ideas and work together to inspire others.

Kerry’s workshop centres around stories. Stories are a fundamental part of being human and have immense power to connect or divide us. Each of us has a multitude of stories within us - this workshop will introduce tools to share your own stories to create ripples of change in the world. 

*Please bring an experience, small or large, recent or past, that has caused you to reflect or change and that you are happy to share with one other person.

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Laurie Blair

morning: Balancing your yin/yang

Laurie’s workshop will explain what our energy imbalances signify and where they are often found. Such imbalances can cause pain, discomfort and/or illness.

Laurie will share tools that support rebalancing these energies. The concept will be explored and understood through practice and partner work. One partner will observe the other. Both will experience balancing and discover new methods of healing, with guidance and adjustments from Laurie. Laurie will explain what participant’s posture reveals and partners will discuss what this means for them. 


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Pat Kirby

Morning: Self Talk
Afternoon: Language for Change

Pat was a teacher of English and Creative Writing for many years. Pat is the author of (The) Last Year, a speculative novel about life, love, friendship and facing up to death while chasing your doppelganger. She is currently scribbling away on her next novel. 

Pat’s morning workshop, entitled Self Talk will explore how we shape our sense of ourselves and our potential by the words we use to describe who we are and how we behave. Pat’s afternoon workshop Language for Change, will look at how we can use language to effect positive change in our relationships, our communities and the wider world.



Moira Harris

morning: Mindfulness Settling, Grounding and Resting: a simple mindfulness practice to help bring our busy minds to rest.

afternoon: Loving Kindness: meditation helps us develop our capacity for compassion, connecting to ourselves and others with kindness and acceptance. 

Moira is a social work lecturer who first started practising mindfulness to help her cope with life as a stressed out frontline social worker. She now teaches compassion focused mindfulness and is undertaking a PhD, researching how mindfulness and compassion can benefit people who are marginalised and isolated.



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Jan Hogarth

morning: How do we heal the land?

Centred around the landscape of Allanton World Peace Sanctuary we will explore our connection or disconnection with our natural environment… energy and the well.

Jan Hogarth is an environmental artist who explores through her practice as an artist and healer our disconnect from landscape. Her PhD was the first practiced led PhD in environmental art entitled “Dislocated Landscapes. Now she curates environmental art Quests which explore how to reconnect with the natural environment and heal the trauma embedded in this land. 


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Andrea Solana

afternoon: Aikido - outward movement, creating inner peace & harmony. 

Andrea has been connected with and sharing the teachings of Masahisa Goi and Masami Saionji since 1998. She is an Aikido 2nd Dan and an Aikido Instructor. 

Her workshop will explore how the feminine energy and the masculine energy, that is in in all of us, can be harmonized through Aikido. The workshop will be an afternoon session, as it focuses on “outward balance”, because by using outward circular movement, aikido creates inner peace and harmony.


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Rachel Elion Baird

afternoon: Embrace Global Interactive - A next step tool in the creation of personal and global peace

Rachel Elion Baird is the founder of Think Peace! an open global think tank created to sustain a shared vision: holding up the frequency of peace-on-earth, supporting peace makers and their global projects. She is an artist, poet, writer and peacemaker. Rachel is the author of two published poetry collections.

Rachel’s session, Embrace Global Interactive - A next step tool in the creation of personal and global peace, is a performance art workshop. The workshop asks, how do we move beyond grief and wounding to transmute our pain back into light? And answers, the simple human need and ability to be held and to hold one another is the key.


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Shirley Prahms

afternoon: Peaceful Activisms - looking at non-violent and non-confrontational forms of activism and protest.

Shirley Prahms is a retired Community Activist, Natural Healthcare Practitioner and an Artists model, who now volunteers at Allanton Peace Sanctuary. 

Shirley’s workshop Peaceful Activism, will look at Non-violent and non-confrontational forms of activism and protest. 


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Clare Jones

Afternoon: Listening, trusting and learning to love ourselves - skills to bring balance into the lives of women who have been hurt. 





Alastair McIntosh

afternoon: Pilgrimage of Inner Calling

Alastair has been described by BBC TV as “one of the world’s leading environmental campaigners.” A pioneer of modern land reform in Scotland, he helped bring the Isle of Eigg into community ownership. Alastair guest lectures at military staff colleges, most notably the UK Defence Academy, on nonviolence. 

The archetype – the deep principle – of the divine feminine is one that as the old stories suggest, calls us back to ourselves. In Scottish and Irish tradition, we see that Brighde, Bridgit or Bride, is the patron saint of smithcraft, poetry and healing. She brings together the sciences, the arts and the deepening of what it means to be a human being. How might this wholeness speak to us today? Whatever our gender, how can the psychological and spiritual principles represented by such mythic figures and transformative principles help us on our pilgrimage of life?



Bibi Guru Inder

Morning: Yogadharma's Gratitude to the Moon for Interior Harmony

Bibi Guru Inder has studied and shared the teachings of Yoga for over 30 years. Paying particular attention to the ‘female universe’, of which she is one of the leading experts in Italy. Her classes include; yoga for women, pre and post-partum yoga and yoga for children.  

An Expert in Karmic Astrology, Bibi Guru Inder founded the Yogadharma Community, the "Women for Peace" movement and "Flags for Peace". In 2014 she founded Yogadharma International. 

In this workshop, Bibi Guru Inder will lead a Yogadharma class that expresses gratitude to the Moon, the great Master of progression, growth and change. Participants performing this Kriya will experience and be inspired by the balancing wave of energy generated through the asanas and mudras.


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